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Add Your Name or Logo!!!

Purchase a bag, and have your name or logo design hand painted onto your bag by L.A. artist ALAPHIA HARRIS.  READY TO ORDER?! KEEP SCROLLING. Questions?  Email us at

We know what you're thinking! SOUN?!

- in the late 13th century

the word "SOUN"

was used to describe noise,

what is heard,

a sensation produced through the ear.  

The "D" was added later.

sonus <<< SOUN >>> sound

Really love my @SOUNbag super helpful at lugging my Maschine around and a crate digger's dream.  Get one if you know what's good for you

Alex Parham @AlexParhamMusic

This bag by @SOUNbag is EVERYTHING!  Created by the MUSIC LOVER for the MUSIC MAKER.

Speaker, singer, producer, Yulonda J. Smith

This is GROUND BREAKING for us traveling producers.

Music producer RAH LEE

meet various needs

Made for compact drum machines, 12" vinyl, game stations or simply use as a laptop bag, SOUN bag will carry your craft whatever it may be.

About Us

Our mission is to help people mobilize their passion, encouraging all to CONNECT & CREATE a life that inspires and reaches the masses. Like music, SOUN bag was made from an organic connection of rhythm, freedom and love.

Fashion accessories designer and music lover Danielle Smith developed SOUN bag with friend and legendary music producer Skibeatz.  SOUN bag is made to [PROTECT] gear, [REFLECT] style & [RESPECT] music.

Accessories designer Danielle Smith SOUN bag
Skibeatz X SOUN bag