W H A T   W E   D O

Provide a quality bag that transforms to accommodate your needs. We got your back, so you can focus on the direction.  

B E H I N D   T H E   M U S I C

Our Inspiration - Music producers, deejays, sound designers & engineers; 

those that lay the foundation, and frequency to our favorite tunes, inspired us to create the SOUN bag.

W H Y   W E   D O   I T 

To inspire exploration, connectivity and creativity. "Don't just be alive... LIVE this life."


CEO & Designer

I love making things and I love music. After graduating from F.I.T in New York City, I found myself in a community of musicians, singers and artists. SOUN bag was created as a passing suggestion from friend and music producer Ski Beatz. One day he said, "you should make me a bag." So I made him a bag. And the rest is history.

Born in New York City, SOUN bag made it all the way to California for its official debut in 2016. Shortly after, I connected with S7even over coffee and dope beats, and we've been a creative collective ever since. Both of us being entrepreneurs and creatives makes for a great team, I love the way we work and to see how far the brand has come. 


Music Producer & Photographer

A few years back I was working at a local coffee shop in California and producing music on the side; I was also jumping into the world of photography for the first time. When I was working, Dee (Danielle) would come into the shop for a cappuccino and ask about the artists on my playlist. The conversation would flow seamlessly. We started sharing music, telling stories, and eventually she told me about SOUN bag. A friendship and business partnership was born. 

Since then, I continue to make music, started a record company, Kin Selection, and create content that is forever evolving with Dee for SOUN bag.


Brand Ambassador 

The man, the myth, the legend. SOUN bag has been tested and approved by legendary music producer himself, Ski Beatz. SOUN bag carries his essentials from the dojo to gigs & sessions around the globe. Whoopish!

"Besides looking cool as $&%#, I find my SOUN bag to be the perfect all-in-one bag for my production needs.  Especially when I'm tour.  It's a sturdy and fashionable way to lug my gear." around."